5 Small Business Ideas: Start this small business sitting at home, earning millions every month

5 Small Business IdeasIf you are planning to start a small business, then here we have brought information related to small business for you that how you can start small business with less investment. So let’s know which small business you can start and earn good income. By getting profit in small business, a person can increase his business later and earn lakhs in a month.

According to the information given below, any person can start a small business without any degree. By starting this business, he can get income in lakhs of rupees per month. Self-reliant India mission can be accomplished by an individual by starting his own business. Loan facility is also made available to start a business under self-reliant India campaign.

5 Small Business Ideas

bread making business

One of the best option to start bread making business in small cost. By starting this business, a person can earn a good amount in a month. You can start this business from your home. Nor does it take much time to make bread. This business can be started with an amount of 10 thousand rupees. After starting the bread business, a person can either set up his own bakery or can supply bread in the market. For making bread, flour, or wheat flour, salt, sugar, water, baking powder, east dry fruits milk powder will be required.

candle business

Candle business can also be started by a person with a cost of 10 or 20 thousand rupees. In today’s time candles are used for decoration. It is mostly used in hotels, restaurants, homes etc. That is why the demand for candles has increased in today’s time. Earlier it was used only when the light went out, but in today’s time candles are used for various types of decorations. By starting this business one can earn good money. You can earn in lakhs from scented candles and beautiful looking candles. You can also sell your products online by starting a candle business.

chalk making business

To start a chalk business, too much investment is not required. This business can also be started easily from home. As you know chalk is required in school and college. You can earn a lot by starting this business too. One does not need much material to prepare chalk, it is a good option to start a business at low cost. Along with making white chalk, colorful chalk can also be made. Plaster of Paris is used to make chalk. It is a type of clay which is prepared from gypsum stone.

envelope business

To start an envelope business, a person does not need to invest much, this business can be started from home at the time of startup. This is a simple and cheap business that a person can easily start in 10 or 20 thousand rupees. Envelopes can be made from paper, card board etc. Envelopes are used for packaging of something, grating cards, documents etc. Good income can also be earned by starting this business. If you want to earn big by starting envelope business, then for this you have to invest at least 2 to 5 lakh rupees. After this this business can be started with the use of machines.

Home Canteen

One of the best options to start a business from home is the home canteen business, even by starting this business, a person can earn more profit. There is no need to invest much for this initially. In today’s time the demand for canteen is increasing, so if you start home canteen business then you can earn good money on monthly basis. Canteens get most of the orders for weddings and parties, this business can be started with low investment. After making profit in business, individuals can also increase this business. In today’s time, the trend of eating has increased more. This is the best option to earn a good income.

You can start these 5 agribusinesses at a small cost, will earn well

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