We all know that proper facial cleansing is an important part of any solid skincare routine, and there’s a wide range of products and brands available to help us achieve this. If you’ve been keeping up with the skincare discussion on social media, you would’ve heard about the increasing popularity of the cleansing balm as a part of your cleansing routine.

With many social media influencers and professionals swearing by this product’s effectiveness, many people have decided to incorporate a cleansing balm into their skincare routines and have noticed a massive difference in the overall appearance of their skin.

What Are Cleansing Balms?

Compared to the traditional water based cleansers that we’re all familiar with, cleansing balms are formulated with different oils, waxes and emollients with the belief that these oils will remove all traces of makeup, dirt, pollution and excess oil from the skin without stripping the skin of its natural oils. 

To use a cleansing balm, the user will have to scoop a good amount onto their hands before rubbing it around their hands until it melts into an oil. When this is spread all around the face, it does a much better job at removing all traces of oil and other impurities as opposed to water based cleansers, and many skincare professionals have praised cleansing balms for being a much easier and quicker way to melt away everything on the skin.

Once all the dirt has been sufficiently broken down, the user will have to introduce a bit of water to properly emulsify the product, meaning that the oil turns into a gentle white foam that works to further lift away any dirt that may have been left behind. 

The cleansing balm is often the first part of a double cleanse—the washing of the face twice to remove both oil-based and water-based impurities—which means that the user will have to go in with a water-based cleanser afterwards.

Why Cleansing Balm Is Much Better for Skin?

While any cleansing product can introduce a wide range of benefits to your skin, a cleansing balm might still be something you’d want to incorporate into your daily skincare routine for a few different reasons.

Effectively Cleans the Face

The main advantage of using a cleansing balm is its ability to effectively remove dirt, dust, and stubborn makeup from the face. The oil-based formula of this cleanser can efficiently dissolve and lift even heavy or waterproof makeup, unlike water-based cleansers that might leave remnants of dirt behind or simply require a lot more effort. This is why cleansing balms are often regarded as a more effective option for facial cleansing at the end of the day.

Reduces Oil Production

Many people tend to stay away from cleansing balms with the fear that introducing more oil onto their skins will trigger a negative reaction, but this is completely unfounded as cleansing balms are specifically formulated to be good for all skin types. On the contrary, using a cleansing balm can actually reduce your skin’s sebum production rather than worsen it.

Removes Dead Skin Cells

Apart from being a much easier and more effective cleanse, cleansing balms are often formulated with other ingredients that can offer additional skincare benefits like mild exfoliation. That means that your cleansing balm is not only removing a lot of dead skin cells from deep inside your pores, but it can also help reduce the appearance of blackheads and whiteheads that are often caused by congestion.

Prevents Acne

Acne is often caused by a combination of skin inflammation, bacteria growth and dead skin cells. While cleansing balms can’t do a lot to treat skin inflammation, it can treat the other two root causes. By providing a deep and thorough cleansing to the skin, cleansing balms can eliminate all the harmful dirt and bacteria on your face without compromising the ones that are beneficial to your skin’s natural biome.

Apart from that, cleansing balms can also penetrate much deeper into your skin and can remove any traces of dead skin cells that could be clogging up your pores. When you end your day with a cleansing balm, you can also be sure that every bit of dirt and dust left on your skin from the day is getting washed down the drain. 

Moisturizes the Skin

Finally, many cleansing balms are formulated with some other great ingredients that can help keep your skin moisturized. From ceramides and hyaluronic acid to glycerin and natural exfoliants, cleansing balms really do look after your skin.

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