Why Binary Options Are A Big Hype in India

Why Binary Options Are A Big Hype in India

Online trading is growing rapidly all over the world and India is not left behind either. Since the introduction of binary option trading in India, it has gained a lot of popularity in the country. While more traders and investors want to invest in binary option trading, a majority of people still do not know what all this hype is about and what the rules and regulations are regarding trading binary options in India.

Reasons Traders and Investors In India Are Interested In Binary Option Trading

  1. Known risk and reward

You can know exactly how much you will profit upon winning the trade and how much you are risking right from the start in binary option trading. There is no risk of leverage that will cost you more than the amount risked by you on the trade. Unlike forex, binary option trading does not require the trader to predict how high or low the price will go. You only have to predict if it will go up or down. So, your risk is fixed. If you predict the right direction of the price movement, then you are going to win the trade and it will not matter whether the price rises or falls.

  1. Fast and high return on investment

Binary option trading also differs from the standard financial trading when it comes to the duration of a trade’s validity. The expiry times are shorter in binary option trading. Moreover, exceptionally high returns on investment come with these short timeframes. The returns can go up to as high as 90% is the market goes in your favour and the trade is successful. For example, imagine that a trade is taking 15 minutes and bringing a return of 80%-90%. You can trade safe, quick, and get good returns in this financial profit heaven.

  1. Low investments

One of the best things about binary options trading is that you do not have to trade with a high investment necessarily. You can simply start off with a low amount until you become experienced. Even when you are good at it, you can continue to trade with a small amount. The returns may not be as big as it can be with big investments, but they are enough to let you continue. In trading, slow and steady wins the race and binary option trading helps you to do it without the risk of losing all the money in your account.

  1. It is simple

Binary option trading is easy and simple. You only need to follow a few steps to trade. First, you have to choose a broker. As binary option is not regulated in India, you need to choose an offshore regulated trader who can help you trade. Once you choose your broker, make your deposit. After this, comes the trading process. You have to predict whether the price will rise or fall. Lastly, enter the amount you want to risk on the trade. Now all you have to do is monitor the trade until the market makes its move.

  1. Ideal for beginners

Since binary option trading is simple and does not involve risky and complex strategies, it is the perfect form of trading for novice traders. There are different types of binary options with own level of risks and difficulties. You can start with simple call and put options and then work your way up slowly. There is also a wide variety of trading choices available from standard options to exotic options. So, it is a great form of trading that is suitable for everyone.

Is binary option trading legal in India?

Binary options are not regulated in India, but it does not mean that they are illegal. You can trade binary options legally even in India if you trade with an offshore regulated broker – IQ Option, for example. IQ Option accepts traders from India and provides them with its powerful and easy-to-use trading platform so they can trade binary options easily and safely.

If you are looking for a broker to trade binary options in India, IQ Option can be a great choice. The broker has been allowing its clients to trade binary options since 2008 with its award-winning trading platform. It offers about 60 binary options instruments to choose from. These are not only available on forex pairs but also several stocks, stock indices, and gold. You can trade binary options on IQ Option with a vast range of intraday expiry items, along with ‘end of the day’ and ‘end of the month’. The minimum expiry time is 1 minute.

Payout percentages vary on binary options, based on many factors like time of the day, market liquidity, news releases, and more. The highest payout percentages on a few binary options can go from 90% up to 95%. They even go higher in rare cases. The broker also offers OTC (Over counter) binary options that you can trade over weekends. This option is perfect for those traders who are too busy to trade during the week.

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