Roshani Bhadoriya who rides 24 km for school in cycle achieves 8th rank in 10th board- she wants to become an IAS officer

Roshani Bhadoriya living in Madhya Pradesh secured 8th rank in 10th board. It is said that the fruit of hard work is always sweet. To achieve this success, Roshani not only studied diligently but also used to ride 24 KM cycle daily and go to school.

Roshani was given a bicycle with the help of government, which she used very well. She used to study for about 4 hours every day. Roshani travelled 24 km daily from the village to Government Girls Higher Secondary School in mehgaon daily.

Roshani’s father, Purushottam Bhadoria, is a farmer. They have only 4 hectares of land. Roshani used to take bicycle every day from village to Mehgaon school.

Roshani says that her goal now is to become an IAS officer. Due to the corona crisis, this time the merit list has been released based on 300 marks in the examination of secondary education.

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