ISRO’s next target sun after landing on the Moon’s South Pole! Aditya L -1 to be launched

ISRO’s mission Chandrayaan 2 was successful at 95%. Lander Vikram was found. Any country, other than India has been able to land on the south pole of the moon. India has shown that landing. The scientists of India have shown that India is a country of sage muni, knowledge, science. Connecting the lander will make the mission ,100% successful. However, the talented scientists of India have now been praised for their hard work of reaching the landing at the Moon’s South Pole. Now India’s next mission will be on the sun. ISRO will launch the first solar mission, Aditya L-1, to study the sun. K Sivan, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), recently gave this information.

Sivan said – The purpose of this mission is to keep a constant eye on the sun without interruption. The purpose of observing the Aditya L-1 Solar Aura.
Siwan reports that the Aditya L-1 mission will orbit around Legionary Point 1 (L-1) some 150,000 km from Earth to continuously monitor the sun without interruption or eclipse. At the same time, no contact was made with Vikram Lander under the Bharat Mission Chandrayan. Our scientists are trying to contact the lander.
Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram was confirmed on Monday. An ISRO official said that Vikram fell diagonally at the landing, but did not break.

All efforts to contact Lander continue. Earlier, the lander was feared to overturn. But now it is clear that the lander is in a slightly diagonal way. Lander’s own program of landing at his own will was already there. Because of this, the lander has been able to make history by landing on the Moon’s South Pole. ISRO has received the support of the whole country, the countrymen have given a lot of love to the scientists. So ISRO has begun planning ahead to the next project without thinking of stopping or disappointing.

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