Pakistan government ministers and leaders angry at the closure of tea and biscuits during meetings. Threatens not to sit in the meeting.

Pakistan is currently in talks for two reasons. Despite the staggering rate on the Kashmir issue, the first reason for being in Pakistan is nowhere to be found, and the second is because of Pakistan’s plight for its poverty and low income. It is noteworthy that the common man is in trouble due to rising inflation in Pakistan. The situation in Pakistan is getting worse. In such a situation, the government of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan is reducing its expenditure.

The Pakistani federal government has banned any new job in order to control the economic situation that has reached bankruptcy. That means no one will get any government job in Pakistan now. Because the treasures of the government are completely empty. In addition, a few days ago, the Imran Khan government talked about the development of the country’s economy by selling buffaloes, simple cars and dogs.

According to Don, the Pakistani media, the Pakistani government has decided to cut the refreshments provided during the official meeting. Tea and biscuits served at any meeting are also banned by the government. Some Pakistani leaders are angry at the decision. They have said that those who are suffering from diabetes or other problems after the ban will not be able to sit for hours after hours. It is noteworthy that Pakistan’s assistance from the United States has declined drastically and at the same time China has invested half of its investment in Pakistan in the last one year, which has caused more problems in Pakistan.

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