A Guide to Accessorizing Your Saree

Wearing sarees have been a part of South Asia’s rich history since time immemorial. It has
also become a fashion statement for ladies since you can explore various looks through its
extensive designs and materials. To effectively showcase your personal style, you should not
only learn how to wear it correctly but also learn how to choose the right set of accessories.
Here are some guides to help you enhance your overall look no matter how simple or
extravagant your saree is:

#1 – Consider the Color and Pattern

It is essential to coordinate your accessories to your saree so that the colours work in harmony.
How to do that, you say? It’s pretty simple — take a look at the colour wheel and make use of
analogous, complementary, and triadic combinations.
Although complementary colours are on the opposite side of the colour wheel, these often work
best together if you’d like a bold look. If you prefer something that’s easier to the eye, you can
consider combining analogous colours instead since these combinations are usually found in
nature. If you’d like your styling to appear more vibrant, you can use the triadic combination
as your reference. There should be one dominant colour to make sure that the combination
would look good and the rest of the colours can be used for accents.
Aside from blending your colours right, it is also important that your patterns do not clash. If
you are wearing sarees with many patterns, wearing simple or small accessories is advised. If
you plan to wear something simple, then you can explore different patterns for your
accessories. You can even wear something big as your statement jewellery.

#2 – Match Your Bag According to Your Body Shape

You need to choose the right accessories which will match your body shape to accentuate
your best assets. When wearing bags, tall and thin ladies would look best with short and
unstructured bags (e.g. hobo bags). Also, petite ladies should steer clear of oversized bags
that will overwhelm their frames so small purses will be your best friends. Meanwhile, curvy
ladies would look best with structured bags.

#3- Accentuate that Waist

Who said that belted sarees are out of fashion? Trends go in and out, and while the classic
Kamar band is considered ancient, the belted look is back to take the world by storm. Wearing
waist belts is a perfect way to create a more flattering silhouette. This helps you look taller,
hug your curves better, and accentuate your waistline. Aside from providing a visual effect, it
also helps saree wearing experience more manageable, especially for beginners who may be
overwhelmed in perfecting the art of wearing a saree.

#4 – Dress For The Occasion

For a casual or everyday look, being simple is the key. All you need is a subtle earring, thin
bracelet or necklace, the classic Omega De Ville Quartz White Dial Ladies Watch to spice up
your look. Too boring? You can step up your game when attending a wedding or any
extravagant occasions. It is the perfect time to bring out your embroidered, sequined, or
beaded bags. You can also pick your favourite jewellery to wear — bangles, anklets,
Kamar bandh, chandelier earrings, name it! Just make sure not to overdo it, though.

#5 – Don’t Over-Accessorize

It is exhilarating to accessorize your saree since there are lots of resources available to you.
After all, a saree is not complete without the accessories. There are times when you may get
out of hand, which will ruin the whole look. Mismatched jewellery, clashing colours, and big
hairpieces? Not a good idea. One to two statement piece would be enough to avoid over-

#6. Wrap Up With the Right Footwear

Everything should be perfect from top to bottom. With this being said, an elegant saree
should not be worn together with casual footwear. Flip-Flops? Boots? It is acceptable to wear
flat shoes, but you can do better than that. If you don’t want to wear something too high, you
can opt for Kolhapuri heels which are usually no higher than 2 inches. If you’re going to go for
more modern styling, you can get a glittery pair of stilettos or peep-toe shoes. However, if
you’re uncomfortable in heels, strappy sandals and traditional mojris would be your best
friends. While you’re at it, get the ones with embroidery or beads for a more visual effect.


No matter how you accessorize your saree, the main goal is to have a consistent style which
will match the occasion and showcase your personal style. Although there are guides that
could help you achieve the perfect look, it still boils down on how comfortable you are with
what you’re wearing and if it reflects your personality.

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