India continues dealing of a dangerous missile with Russia, inspite of warnings from USA

Despite of the US objection after the S-7 missile deal between India and Russia, India sealed another missile deal with Russia. India has signed a deal with Russia to buy R-27 capable of piercing targets from air to air.
These missiles will be used on open fighter jets. According to official sources, India has signed an agreement with Russia to purchase R-27 missiles aimed to shoot while flying from the sky. These missiles will be used in Indian Air Force fighter aircraft Shukhoi-1.

Sources suggest that the long-range missile will give the Shukhoi aircraft the ability to attack the enemy from a distance. The R-27 missile is capable of hitting precisely over medium range. Russia uses these missiles on their own MiG and Shokoi fighter jets.

Two days ago, on the occasion of the Kargil Vijay Diwas, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, “We will not bow down to any influence and pressure against the security of the country.” The project stipulates under the guidelines of 10-I that says that all types of emergency equipments and safeguards must be provided to the three armies up to a minimum requirement.

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