hima das should be brand ambassador of Assam, Not Priyanka Chopra; Demand Netizens

Priyanka Chopra, the Brand Ambassador of the state of Assam, is known as a supporter of Rohingya. As a brand ambassador, the Assam government also paid her billions. Now social media has demanded that Priyanka Chopra be removed from the position of Ambassador of Assam brand. Priyanka Chopra, who supports Assam’s main problem of Rohingya, has been demanded of to be removed from office. There are so many qualified people in India and across the country to become brand ambassadors of Assam, demands are made to give one of them that position.

Illuminated demand for the brand ambassador of Hima Das has been raised against Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka Chopra did not even pay half a penny to help the people during the recent floods in Assam, while Hima Das donated half of her salary to people affected by the floods. Putting forward this argument, many have demanded that Priyanka be removed as the brand ambassador.

India is the only country where Rohingya, Bangladeshi Muslims, etc. are freely entering. Illegal intrusion is a major problem for India. Although the government has said a lot about cleanliness works in the country, but nothing had been worked out till date. On the contrary, the intruders are spreading population in the country by creating Aadhaar cards, voter cards in the hands of leaders, ministers. The highest incidence of illegal infiltration in the lagoon states connected with Bangladesh. Assam is the one such state in India where the number of illegal intruders is increasing rapidly.

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