Amazing! Narendra Modi stopped convoy to take shawl from A Muslim and Then ..

PM Narendra Modi reached to Kashi on Thursday And Made a Roadshow there. The Local people showed huge love and affection to Narendra Modi. This is not the first time, The city Baba Biswanath always gave a lot of Love to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

What is Modi wave, No Actually what is Modi Sunami, opposition understood clearly from Kashi Roadshow? When the roadshow arrived in a Muslim populated area named Sonarpur, then One Muslim people tried to give a Shawl to respected Narendra Modi. Seeing this PM Narendra Modi stopped his car immediately and took the shawl. After seeing this rare picture, the local people became very happy.

This roadshow was started from Hindu Biswabidyalaya and end on Dashaswamedh Ghat. After then Narendra Modi took part in Arti and made a rally. Narendra Modi Said we need Development as well as Secured India to make India Strong and Happy.

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